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Dragon Horse

Titanium alloy firewood stove folding type collapsible alcohol stove camping outdoor DRAGON HORSE x BOUNDLESS VOYAGE Red Lotus

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Material: titanium alloy

Weight: 585g

Thickness: 0.8mm

Size: 178mm (L) , 135mm(W) , 185mm (H)

feature of product

- Air circulation ensures sufficient oxygen to allow firewood to burn fully

- Can support all kinds of pots and utensils, for wood fire cooking/campfire

- Detachable cross bracket to support pots

- The built-in fire collecting board can place the alcohol stove, which is stable and windproof

- Can be folded without taking up space, easy to install

- One bag storage bag, one fireproof mat

‼ ️ This product is not connected to the alcohol stove, the picture is for reference only, the alcohol stove needs to be purchased separately

Products include:

・Fireproof mat ・Wood stove floor (also storage box)
・Wood stove body ・Grill plate ・Grill x 4 pieces