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Magene C406 Pro S314 Sensors International Ver. Wireless Bike Computer Set Combo

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*The upgraded version can connect to Bluetooth 5.0 and ANT+

* Navigation function

* Four-star positioning

*Smart incoming call/message notification

*2.4” HD LCD screen

*Screen automatic backlight/automatic time calibration

*8 peripheral wireless connections (including speed, cadence, speed/cadence combo, electronic shifting system, power, heart rate, smart bike training, radar tail light)

*Support smart radar taillights to test the distance of the rear vehicle on the end of the computer and give a warning

*110 professional data in 13 categories

*Can be used for smart bike training

*IPX6 waterproof function

*28-hour long-lasting battery life, about 2 hours full charge

*Supplied with extension bracket and protective cover

*Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Italian

product description:

*Third generation speed/cadence sensor
* Lighter and can be installed on the frame, disc brake hub
*The new style has an anti-lost strap for more peace of mind
*ANT+ is compatible with stopwatches and watches such as Magene Wahoo Bryton Xoss IGSPORT Garmin
*Bluetooth 5.0 is compatible with ZWIFT, Wahoo Fitness, Suunto, Cyclemeter, Openrider, Xoss and other sports apps
* The third generation data is more accurate
*500 hours long battery life (slightly different due to temperature or environmental factors)
*Magene App can be used to switch speed or cadence mode
*Or reinstall the battery to switch speed or cadence mode
*Weight about 7.7g
*Dimensions: about 35.74x30.8x8.2mm

**Note: The sensor cannot test the speed and cadence at the same time. If the customer needs to test the speed and cadence at the same time, two sensors must be used**