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Dragon Horse

Titanium Cookware Set Dragon Horse X Boundless Voyage Camping Outdoor

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・Lunch box (large): 184g
・Lunch box (small): 95g
・A cover: 45 g
・Total: 324g

・Lunch box (large): 1500ml
・Lunch box (small): 600ml

Material: Titanium Alloy

・High-quality titanium alloy is used as the material, which is light in weight, high in strength and strong in corrosion resistance.
・The oxide layer naturally formed on the surface of titanium alloy materials will not chemically react with food and beverages, and the taste of metal will not be transferred to food.
・The handle of the lunch box can be folded to save storage space.
・The large and small lunch boxes have sufficient capacity, and can be used for various outdoor cooking.