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Xoss G+ Bike Computer XL-400 Bicycle Head Light Set Combo

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(Xoss XL-400):
*Maximum brightness 400 lumens
*Aluminum shell
*Cross / hanging installation can be
*Weight about 119g
*5 flash modes
*Side warning lights
* General waterproof function
*USB charging function
*2200mAh battery capacity
*High brightness mode lasts about 2.5 hours
*Low light mode lasts about 5 hours

(Xoss G+):
*Wireless installation is simple and easy to use
*GPS positioning function
*App supports easy sharing
*1.8” HD screen
*IPX7 waterproof function
*Bluetooth 5.0
*25 hours battery life
*Auto backlight function
*Built-in barometer
* Measure speed, exercise time, heart rate, cadence, clock and other functions